What We Repair

Engine Problems? Tire Changes ? Alarm Installation ? We proudly offer our customers the following services:

  • 3d Laser 4 wheel alignment
  • Wheel/tire installation and balancing
  • Brake service
  • Exhaust Fabrication
  • We do breaks, engine work, suspension work, electrical work,
  • transmission jobs
  • High end vehicle work like Mercedes, bmw, audi etc. Also work on Honda Toyotas GM cars
  • We install radios and backup cameras
  • We do car detailing
  • We provide Safety Certification
  • We provide Vehicle Appraisal
  • We sell Wiper blades
  • We do Oil Changes / using Liquid Molly and Castrol oil
  • Rust proofing
  • Paint & Body Work

Paint Jobs & Body Work

Our body shop is completely insurance approved, so if you have had a fender bender, our tow truck service will get your car here safely, and we can do everything to fix it and have it back to you in perfect condition. We will even arrange a rental car so your life won’t be disrupted while we repair your car.

Been involved in an accident ? Do you want a new paint job ? Bring your car to us for some TLC.

Cars 4 Sale

Take a quick look at all our current vehicle inventory

Need To Order Parts….

Before you go online, or to another shop, give us a call or come visit us and we will order your parts for you,often at a better price than other retailers.

Customer Satisfaction…..

Our family owned and operated business has over 35 years of experience making our customers happy. We don’t just repair and sell cars, we build relationships that last. Come visit us and find out why we have been the premier destination for automotive repair and sales since 1990.

What are you waiting for…

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